Do you love your business yet the admin wears you down?


Does it stop you from driving business growth, from serving clients to full capacity? And quite frankly, the stress keeps you awake at night.


You don’t even know if you’re doing any of it right!


Between the bookkeeping, financial management and other frustrating tasks you can barely tell whether your business is succeeding or on the brink of falling into a miserable mess (dragging you along with it!).


Luckily, we’re here to stop that from happening!


At Safety In Numbers, we’re here to take all these headaches and worries away from you. We are a unique full-service Virtual CFO, Executive Virtual Assistant, Virtual Bookkeeping, Social Media and Website management company in Australia and we love seeing our client’s businesses succeed.


Whether you need day-to-day bookkeeping, general admin or strategic planning (or a combination of all of those!) we can handle it all, so you can get back to doing what you love…serving clients and growing your brand.     


Stop Going It Alone!


Being a Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Solopreneur can get really daunting, real fast when you’re doing ‘all the things’ completely by yourself. And unless you have a strong background in Accounting or Financial Management, this stuff can easily trip you up.


Which is why we’ve called ourselves ‘Safety In Numbers’ because it really is true.


When you have a virtual team, by your side, it gives you the extra security you’ve been craving, knowing we’ve got you.


We can handle your reporting requirements, we can handle the ASIC Compliance, we can give you the low down on your numbers so you can clearly see whether your business is growing – we can even offer you advice on where the issues might be before they become a problem.


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Your Success Is Our Business

We really are in business to help you succeed by taking all the complex business administration tasks off your hands.

Starting and growing a business can be a really lonely journey.  And some days you simply don’t know where to jump first. 

Do you love what you do?  Do you love serving your amazing clients?

Yet all this crazy financial management, reporting and compliance stuff stand in the way of you actually running the business in the way that you’d like to.

In fact, if you’re anything like many of the clients we take on initially, it probably worries you so much that it keeps you awake at night. 

Because when you’re not trying to juggle 45 tasks at once, you’re looking back over your shoulder waiting to be audited and hoping like hell you’ve reported everything you’ve done CORRECTLY!

Woah! It’s a huge weight and burden to carry on your tired shoulders, right?

Which is why we’ve formed this unique service offering.  Our mission is to become your trusted business advisor who can take all this heavy stuff away from you.

To not only free up your time, but also your mental and emotional energy.

So running this business of yours becomes a joy again!

And you can totally get back to working ON your business to allow it to grow and prosper, rather than being dragged down INTO the laborious day-to-day admin.

There really is Safety In Numbers

Your success is our business.

What Our 

Clients Say

I did not know where to start in setting up social media and a website for my new business before I found Safety In Numbers.  Amy has been amazing getting my Facebook page up and running and tutoring me on how to keep it updated. Her ideas and input have made my page an instant success with new clients finding me straight away! I have many compliments on how professional it looks.

Kylea and Amy are incredibly experienced and are so happy to take the lead and run with my ideas. Nothing is too much trouble, and any changes requested were made without any hassle.

The best part of working with Amy and Kylea is that they are genuinely as excited as I am to get my business up and running.  I am so happy to continue to work together with them to build my business into a success.


I have worked with Kylea over many years and found her to be honest, reliable and a very experienced Finance professional.

Her attention to detail is second to none. She excels in stakeholder engagement and has an understanding of the importance and timeliness of services provided and strategy; she also ensures that communication throughout all of these processes is compelling and clear.


I have used the services of Safety In Numbers to do my books.  My job is to be onsite doing the actual work, and I don’t have time to do paperwork, chase people up or deal with the ATO.

They have been great in ensuring everything is done on time and provided advice on how to improve things.

What is even better is they are straight forward, real people who are easy to approach and keep things clear, straight forward and up to date.

I would recommend them to any tradie who needs help with their books.


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