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Safety In Numbers is a joint venture between us –  Kylea Martin & Amy Martin.  By combining our unique skill set we have created a one-of-a-kind offering, where we can take over all of your financial management and administrative needs to free up YOUR time as a busy business owner.

About Safety In Numbers

Whether you’re only just starting out in business, or steadily growing, it can be lonely trying to juggle all the balls in the air at once.  And whilst employing several different team members to help may seem like a good answer, generally, you then spend too much time managing them as well.

Outsourcing your admin and financial management to us allows you total peace of mind.  No hassles or the expense of hiring a team of internal staff to do each task individually for you.   Just us as experts who can step in, hit the ground running, ensure your accounts are in order, your compliance needs are met and your admin doesn’t slow you down.

With Amy’s talents and background as an Executive Assistant, and Kylea’s background in financial management (with all the qualifications and training to go with it), you can rest assured that nothing will ever be missed.  We can take a whole heap of stress and hard work off your hands, particularly if the numbers and admin aren’t your forte, to help your business to thrive.

Because ultimately, when you’re running a business there is always Safety In Numbers.

Team Members

Meet Our Team

Kylea Martin
Kylea Martin

Financial Management Extraordinaire

Hello, I’m Kylea Martin, your Financial Management extraordinaire!

Over the course of a 25-year career, I have developed my professional practice from accountancy focussed roles to a broader mandate encompassing financial controls, commercial strategy and operational efficiency.

My Mission To Help Business Owners…

Using the skills, I have developed over two decades in financial leadership roles, I want to help YOU succeed with YOUR business.

I have now set up my very own practice (this very business!) to dedicate to helping your business to grow.  We specialise in financial management, virtual CFO, business growth and all areas of traditional bookkeeping.

My passion is helping businesses to be leaders in their field.  I love nothing more than assisting business owners through education and development in the financial management of their business.  The success of my business is dependent on the success of your business, because Your Success Is Our Business.

My Background…

I have managed a comprehensive change management project, to merge the financial systems across two companies.  This 2-phase program first involved managing a staged migration of critical finance functions out of our department and into the centralised system within the parent organisation, with a concomitant restructuring of personnel.  In the second phase, my department has repositioned as a centralised provider of services for areas such as Accounts Receivable and time and billing for interstate offices, and I manage a remote team in addition to my on-site resources.

I have contributed to a broad range of operational areas, supporting better alignment between organisational strategy and key control functions, including rebuilding performance metrics for some 125 personnel and acting as a strategic partner to the business for partner on-boarding and other decisions with financial import.

I have been part of the Project Management team responsible for implementing a new Practice Management System nationally across the business.  This included being the Module Lead for the Practice Management module, one of the biggest components of the project.

My expansive experience is simply unbeatable and will certainly ensure your success.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Charles Sturt University, Graduate School of Business

Graduate of CPA Program
CPA Australia

Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
Charles Sturt University

Amy Martin
Amy Martin

Office Wizard

Hello, I am Amy Martin, the Executive Administration Wizard!

I am a seasoned Executive Assistant with over 20 years’ experience in the field.  I love being able to streamline processes, take over the day-to-day admin and allow busy CEO’s to concentrate solely on the more important stuff!

My Mission to Help Business Owners…

Having had a variety of Executive Assistant roles I tailor my skills to meet the needs of the individual client.  I want to help YOU succeed with YOUR business.

I have set up my own business to bring my knowledge and experience to business owners to ensure all your general administration runs like clockwork.   Whilst building on your online brand profile with social media and website management.

I help companies around Australia build out successful back offices and allow their business to thrive.  And when you see how efficient I am and how smoothly everything runs when I’m working in the background, you will soon realise that there really is Safety In Numbers!

My Background…

I have extensive experience with all administrative tasks including scheduling, correspondence and proofreading.  Having had a variety of Executive Assistant roles I have always tailored my skills to meet the needs of the individual client.

As a Senior Executive Assistant, I have assisted General Managers through to the CEO performing a variety of tasks with the aim to streamline their processes and allow them to concentrate solely on their role with the knowledge that everything back at the office is running like clockwork.

Social Media is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits that help you reach millions of customers worldwide.  I help you improve your brand awareness, use cost-effective strategies, engage with your customers and improved brand loyalty.

I help you position your business online with a strong, professional website that gives your customers the impression that you mean business and the motivation to want to engage more with your business.

My extensive experience is the key to ensuring your business growth.


Certificate III Business (Office Administration)
Southbank Institute of TAFE

Procurement Purchasing Level 1 and 2
Queensland Purchasing

Writing for the Public Sector
Frances Whiting

Our Values

Our values support our vision and shape our culture.  They are the essence of our identity – our principles, beliefs and philosophies.


Compassion – a deep awareness of and sympathy for another’s suffering

At Safety In Numbers, we walk in the shoes of our clients we serve and those with whom we work.

We celebrate our role in supporting our clients in the success of their business.  We are truly compassionate and genuinely understand, feel and identify with their needs.  We are compassionate and driven to delivering a great customer experience through outstanding service and a desire for successful outcomes.


Empathy – the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling

At Safety In Numbers our ability to see the world from the perspective of our clients is one of the most crucial tools in our business toolbox.

We value high commitment and cooperation and pride ourselves on our ability to understand another person’s perspective or circumstance.  We are curious and possess a desire to know and understand our clients.   This helps us to be successful in conflict resolution because understanding diverse perspectives allows collaborative solutions to rise from chaos.


Respect – a way of treating or thinking about something or someone

At Safety In Numbers, we value differences and allow others to express themselves in order to work together toward common goals to make our clients stronger.

We demonstrate a high regard for clients, one another, partners and regulatory obligations to support our clients in the success of their business.  We believe in the importance of all stakeholders and treat all people with dignity and value the collective power of teamwork.  Our job is to serve our clients, simplify their lives, and to help them to be successful, whether they are like us or not.


Courage – the willingness to face not a physical danger but emotional pain, disapproval, financial insecurity, or uncertainty rather than compromise an ethical principle

At Safety In Numbers our courage isn’t about making rash decisions, it’s about being brave and savvy; using our experience and judgement to drive our clients’ success.

We lead with principles.  It is what distinguishes us from our competitors and what helps us to drive our clients to succeed in their business.   We help our clients to make decisions with the potential for revolutionary changes in their market.   By driving our clients to be bold, we will help them to inspire their teams, energise their customers and position themselves as leaders in societal change.


Empowerment – a process that challenges our assumptions about the way things are and can be.  It challenges our basic assumptions about power, helping, achieving, and succeeding

At Safety In Numbers, we believe empowerment is the expansion of freedom of choice and actions.  As our clients exercise real choice, they gain increased control over their business.

We encourage our clients to adopt an error-embracing environment for their business, that will empower them to lead and make decisions that will lead to the success of their business.  This process of self-empowerment enables their teams to overcome their sense of powerlessness and lack of influence and to recognize and use their resources.  To do work with power.


Consistency – A harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts.  That which is consistent is that which is at peace.

At Safety In Numbers we believe by focusing on our clients first, being consistent and always serving others, we can find success and happiness for our clients.

We believe that consistent actions will create consistent results for our clients.   Consistency is at the core of our business.  From our management team to the services we provide our clients, consistency throughout the entire service offering is paramount.  Maintaining a consistent level of service is essential, ensuring that clients always receive and expect high standards from us.   Our clients deserve nothing less.


Trust – Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

At Safety In Numbers, we believe trust is at the foundation of every successful business.  Without trust, nothing gets done.

We believe you can’t package trust in a bottle and pull it out when the time is right.  It must be nurtured and developed consistently from the very beginning of a relationship.  By working to provide consistent and proactive communication, we show our clients that we have their interests above our own.   We work to earn trust, every interaction with our clients is an opportunity to build relationships and nurture trust.


Communication – exchange of information between individuals through a common system

At Safety In Numbers communication is leadership.  Clear, intentional, and effective communication and feedback between each other and our clients as the most effective way to create diverse ideas.

We believe in sharing information, insight and advice frequently and constructively and managing tough situations with courage and candour.  Effective communication starts with genuineness and trust and can help foster a positive working relationship between us and our clients

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