Many business owners come to me time-poor, sleep-deprived and want a solution to give them time back to their business.

While not a magical fairy, an Executive VA can be the answer to the overworked and overwhelmed business owner.

An Executive VA can:

Help you organise your day -giving you back clarity

As an entrepreneur, time is the most valuable asset you have and staying focused on what matters most is essential in your business success.  A great Executive VA helps you to prioritise your day to day tasks on a daily, hourly or even minute to minute basis thinking about the little things that take up valuable time.  What are five things right now that you would like to hand over to an Executive VA?

Processes and procedures what are they?

Processes describe patterns of work and detail the necessary steps to complete a task, whether it be big or small.  Procedures go through step by step what is required to complete a task.  Effective processes and procedures provide a way to communicate and apply consistent standards and practices within your business.

An Executive VA will ensure that your business’s processes and procedures are followed to create a consistent and professional image for your business.  They can also create and review them to ensure your business is always compliant.  What processes and procedures can an Executive VA help you with?

Be the EA you are used from the corporate world

Did you come from the corporate world and used to have that trust and valuable assistant sit out the front of your office who use to know what you wanted before you did?  Are you missing this right arm now that you run your own business?

An Executive VA is everything that that person was to you.  The only difference is that their office is virtual.  Executive VA takes a higher level of business skills, with the ability to carefully follow your business working.  A great assistant will be flexible and adaptive

Final Thoughts

An Executive VA can be the secret weapon for your company’s success.  Acting as gatekeepers and problem solvers, they keep your company organised, boost morale, and increase productivity and most importantly free up your time.  Do you and your business need an Executive VA?


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