Executive Virtual Assistant

Amy has years of Executive Assistant experience behind her, she understands how Australians do business.


Working with a Virtual Assistant is the perfect setup for busy people who no longer have the time to attend to the menial tasks of their business.  Between demanding jobs, families, travel, weekend projects and whatever else comes up – let’s get you and your business organised!


For every minute spent organising, an hour is earnt!

I Love Administration!


Have you been thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant?  Why not hire an Executive Virtual Assistant. 

If you’ve ever looked into it, you’ll probably have realised that Virtual Assistants come in all shapes and forms and that no two are alike. 

It’s a term that’s often thrown around the online business world a fair amount these days, and often many VA’s proclaim to cover everything from general admin, marketing, social media management and even website development. 

At Safety In Numbers, we like to keep things specialised and offer Executive Virtual Assistance in the truest sense, by specifically providing general business administration support.  We love nothing more than deep diving into the administration requirements of your business and developing streamlined processes to get everything running as smoothly as possible.

Our services include:

  • Virtual Office Management
  • Client Coordination/Management
  • Email and Calendar Management
  • Policy and Procedure Management
  • Travel and Accommodation Bookings/Coordination
  • Document Preparation
  • Data Entry
  • Internet Research
  • Audio/Digital transcription

We can take care of all operational functions by working with you to create a perfect and productive office.  This allows you to fully concentrate on building your business, rather than being overwhelmed with the daily management.

So instead of accomplishing those critical (but time-consuming) administrative tasks, you get the most valuable asset in business: more time to focus on what matters most.

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