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An effective branded image includes professional document templates.  From the start, give your company or projects an impressive appearance.  These include business papers and models that contain the corporate identity of the company.

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What do I need branded office templates for?

As long as you have started your enterprise, you need the full power of your core business.  Waste no time to customise tedious formatting and design of your documents.  Our designs contain everything you need to create documents, presentations and other correspondence in no time.

Even today, documents such as proposals, drafts, letters, invoices and fax documents, presentations, and much more in the business world are expected simply, even if many things happen online.

Utilising templates for your business documents has the important benefit of maintaining document consistency.  A business reproduces and uses multiple documents in large numbers.  Having a ready-made template that you prefer and trust can help streamline the entire process-saving you time and stress.  Utilising the same template repeatedly ensures consistency among all your documents.

What is included:

  • Letterhead template, or
  • Document template, or
  • Style Guide
  • Up to 2 edits of the template/s


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the design model contain my logo?

Of course, the design template contains the logo, once you have provided your business logo it will be included in your document.  In connection to this, colours and fonts are adjusted to the style of the logo

Can I change the styles myself and adjust them to my needs?

Yes, you can directly edit and save our templates like every other Word document.

What if my contact/address changes?

You can readily customise the address at any time in the document.

How long will it take to be able to use the documents?

Immediately after downloading

Will my package be created automatically, or manually by a designer?

Your package will be manually created, the templates have been developed with love by our designer in advance and a variation is selected that fits your logo. The advantage of the manual generation is that you have a design created specifically for your business.

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